Zosterophyllum myretonianum Devonian Plant


A primative plant fossil from the Devonian of Central Scotland.



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About Zosterophyllum myretonianum

Physical Description

Zosterophyllum myretonianum is a Palaeozoic plant fossil which grew in and or near water. It is one of the oldest vascular plants known. They have naked stems with no leaves or such. At the end of the stems they would have a bulb like feature. Z. myretonianuma fossils are found in upper Silurian and lower Devonian beds. In the lower Devonian of Central Scotland it would have shared the enviroment with other plants like the enigmatic Parka decipiens and fishes like the acanthodians Mesacanthus, and eurypterids…


About the Zosterophylls

Evolutionary Significance

Zosterophylls are a group of vascular land plants which are now extinct. Their distibution was world-wide and they lasted from the late Silurian to the Late Devonian. They’re in the family of Lycophytes, these plants would dominate the landscape in the Carboniferious period with massive tree-like plants. As time progressed they decreased in size, all extant species are small plants.



Zosterophyllum myretonianum has been placed in the Zosterophylls group of plants. There are currently 32 extinct different species of Zosterophyllum known.