Scottish Devonian fish fossils

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We offer a range of unique fossils for sale, like: Silurian Scottish fish, Devonian Scottish fish, Carboniferous German plants, Jurassic German ammonites, Pliocene Belgian Shark teeth and many more.

Everything that we offer has been found by ourselves and besides collecting fossils we also study them, so with every purchase from this site, you help us a lot with our research.

Highlander fossils the premium fossil site on the web. Besides stunning fossils and super high detailed photos you also get expert knowledge. Who else can offer an intact Lanarkia horrida thelodont fossil from the Silurian of Scotland? These agnathans (jawless fishes)are considered proto sharks, the precursor to all modern sharks. It is thought that were filter feeders as the did not really posses the means to attack another animal. and even if the did most other animals were a lot bigger than the Lanarkia. Now skipping ahead 50 million years, to the Middle Devonian (of Scotland), aka the Age of Fishes. In the Orcandian Lake system swam many different fishes, from the small Euphanerops to the Alpha predator Glyptolepis. One of the most interested but also iconic fish, is the placoderm antiarch Pterichtyodes milleri. This bony armoured fish had fins that looked more like arms which it could use to crawl on the lake bottom. It is guessed that this fish was a bottom dweller and more or less a scavenger. With quite a few species of placoderm scientists have been able to indentify mala and female fishes. The males have bony claspers at the rear underside of the bony armour, while the females did not.

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