Tischlingerichthys viohli partial fossil fish*


A partial small Jurassic Fossil fish from Solnhofen Germany.

it is roughly 7 cm/ 2.7 inch in lenght




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About Tischlingerichthys viohli

Physical Description

This is a partial fish fossil, it could be a Tischlingerichthys viohli. This is based on the shape and fins of the fish.

Age and Distribution

Tischlingerichthys viohli is from the Upper Jurassic of Germany. This ammonite lived approximately 150 million years ago. At the time this area was full of small athols and lagoons, which covered most what is now southern Germany. At this time it was nearer the equator. Neochertoceras steraspis co-inhabited the athols with one of the most famous animals of that time: the Archaeopteryx. Besides them flying overhead, there were also flying reptiles like: Pterodactylus, Rhamphorhynchus, Anurognathus and a few others. In the warm waters  one could encounter  marine reptiles like the Ichthyosaurus, Cricosaurus, fishes, sharks, cephalopods and crustaceans and many more. There are about 800 or so known fauna of the Solnhofen area.