Petrified Wood


Fossil Wood

Location: Indonesia

Age: Cretaceous, roughly 75 million years ago

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Fossil Wood, Indonesia fossil wood

Fossil wood piece of black petrified wood found and processed in Indonesia. Petrified wood from Indonesia is roughly between 50 and 75 million years. The petrified wood that we offer is of the older stock, that lived the Cretaceous period. Wood becomes fossilized when a plant gets covered by sediment or volcanic ash. With the input of water, the parts of the plant gets slowly replaced by minerals. This process can take a very long time. The polished end result is what we offer.

Fair Trade Indonesia fossil wood

Our friends employ a team of locals that locate, remove and prepare the petrified wood. The foreman is a second generation fossilized wood specialist and only works on the very best that can be found. Fosil Kayu pride themselfs in giving the workers a honest wage and secondary benefits like healthcare for their whole family.

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